"I am deeply rooted in this community and bring a sense of drive, dedication and compassion to all that I do. My platform is based on my life experience, my love for my family, and my commitment to preserving the qualities that we all appreciate which make Fircrest a great community to live in."

                Outlined are specific objectives I will work to initiate as a council-member:

  • My family and I are very fortunate to live in Fircrest. Like you, I value the safety and security of our community which is why I feel it is imperative that we continue to strengthen and support our police and fire departments so they continue to have resources dedicated to keeping our community safe. I also believe that fully funding continued education for our police force is prudent in keeping our citizens and officers safe.

  • It is my hope to bring a renewed sense of trust to the community of Fircrest. I believe transparency in the decision making process would allow for a sound democracy. While the city has done a good job in bringing it citizen communication into this century, we are not quite there yet when it come to reaching our full potential. It is my goal to advocate for open communication in City Hall through the use of live broadcast of council meetings. It is also my goal to ensure that information gets out to the public in a timely and sufficient manner. One way we can make this happen is to utilize our current media forms and provide online access to council agendas and meeting minutes in a timely manner. 

  • I am running for City Council to ensure a sustainable vision for our city's future. Our current Comprehensive Plan sets forth a vision of Fircrest that will keep us evolving and moving into the future. Let's use the resources and knowledge that are available to us to keep Fircrest moving into the future. I will work to engage local and state legislators for funding to fulfill the goals (see link to PROS plan here is my goal to make sure we are using your tax dollars prudently. That means balancing the needs of running a city while being conscious of the tax burden of our residents and business owners. I will work with Fircrest business and commercial property owners on improving the business climate to create more jobs and revenue for the owner as well as the city.

  • I also feel that it is imperative that city leaders build relationships with the city leaders around us. I will work to build and maintain lasting relationships with other city leaders who can expand our potential for growth and partner on projects and services that could potentially save taxpayers money. Fircrest does not exist in a vacuum and we need to value and enhance the partnerships that can help to build upon the foundation that exists.

  • Our community thrives from the commitment of its volunteers. We are a passionate and dedicated group of citizens that want to actively make our community a better place to live. It is time to use the resources, wisdom and skills that our residents hold and create youth and senior lead councils to advise city members on the issues that are impacting our community. We also need to validate the service that our community volunteers provide by creating a Volunteer of the Year award for recognition of their outstanding service and commitment to our community. 

I can not do this alone - I encourage and appreciate your vote and welcome the time, input and commitment you put into keeping Fircrest a great place to live, work and play. Thank you! 

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