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Jenny Stryker

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my campaign website

  My name is Jenny Stryker and I am running for Fircrest City Council, Position #2. I am a woman, a mother, a partner, a war veteran, a sister, a neighbor, a friend, an ally, I am disabled, I am a Social Worker, and I am a fierce advocate for Social Justice and civic engagement. I am committed, I am confident and I am compassionate. These are just some of the important pieces that make up my identity as a person-a person who is full of experience, wisdom, emotion, passion and drive. It is my hope to harness these characteristics and use them to work together on finding solutions to issues that impact the residents of Fircrest as well as the city at large.

  It is my goal then, as a constituent running for City Council, to ensure our leaders uphold the democratic process in a just and transparent way. As a council member I would see to it that citizen voices are heard and honored both in and throughout the decision making process. Our city has so much unharnessed potential and it is time to work together to ensure the future of this great community. Together, we can build a stronger city that values its residents and their quality of life. It is time to see that our citizen's voices are heard throughout city hall-it's time to build upon and strengthen our social fabric-it's time to set Fircrest on a successful path to a sustainable future. As a wife, mother, veteran and advocate, I am committed to building Fircrest into a better City for a better tomorrow. 

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